Pinkchain Features

Pinkchain is a decetralized EVM compatible blockchain protocol designed for ex-Ethereum miners. Its consensus is powered by Proof of Work (Ethash) which is one of the most secure consensus mechanisms. PoW ensures real decentralization and fair distribution of coins. Pinkchain is scalable, sustainable, high-performance blockchain platform and fully interoperable with the Ethereum mainnet, all EVM compatible environments, and other BFT chains via IBC with EVM enabling developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps at nearly zero cost.

Secure, Decentralized

Powered by Proof of Work with Ethash algorithm, ensuring top-notch security and real decentralization.

Cross-chain Bridge

Connects Pinkchain to other EVM chains such as Ethereum, BSC and enables cross-chain data and token transfers.

Mining, Staking & Farming

Earn $PINK through PoW mining and DeFi based staking, farming.


Stablecoin pegged to USD and powered by PinkDAO.


Chain ID 10100 (mainnet), 10101 (testnet)
Ticker PINK
Max Supply 100,000,000 PINK
Premine 20,000,000 PINK (20%) [Premine includes farming & staking rewards]
Block Time ~10 seconds
PoW Block Reward 1.00 PINK / Block
Staking Reward 0.50 PINK / Block
Supported Cross-chains Networks BSC

Supply on BSC is capped to 5M PINK for cross-chain liquidity.

Token Contract Address on BSC     Stake PINK


PoW Mining


Staking & Farming


Seedsale, IDO & DEX Liquidity


Bounty Program


Development & Marketing



Connect Pinkchain to Metamask (Add Network) with the configuration below. Currently Metamask on Firefox has issues with custom Networks, please use Chrome or Brave browser.

You can also include Pinkchain Network in any other Metamask like wallets that supports custom RPC.

Network name Pinkchain
Chain ID 10100
Currency symbol PINK
Block explorer URL

Build on Pinkchain

Pinkchain is fully compatible with EVM enabling developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps at nearly zero cost. Build your DApps and Web3 apps on Pinkchain.

Start building on Pinkchain using Solidity, Vyper and the tools that you are already familiar with: Remix, Truffle, and MetaMask.

Pinkchain supports EVM and you can deploy your dApps just like on Ethereum, BSC.

Get a little bit of PINK for free from faucet if you are in need of gas for deploying contracts.


Mining Pools

Here is a list of mining pools supporting Pinkchain mainnet. If you are a pool owner and want to include your pool in this list then contact the team on discord or telegram.

Check Mining Pool Stats

Mining4people - PPLNS | WoolyPooly - PPLNS - Solo | HeroMiners - PROP - Solo | BaikalMine - PPLNS | Coinhunters - PPLNS |

Vanthoi - PPLNS | e4pool - PPLNS | Redecoin - PPLNS | PoolBE - Solo (EU) - Solo (US) | Lovetheminers - PPLNS - Solo

My New Mining Pools - PPLNS | GTeh Pool - Merged Mining with ZIL | X Pool - PPS+ | CoolPool - PPLNS - Solo | STABLE Pool - PPLNS


To do list and milestones, subject to change.

Phase 1
  • Presale
  • PCS Listing
  • CMC, CG Listing
  • Testnet Launch
Phase 2
  • PoW Chain
  • Mining Pool
  • CEX Listing
  • Cross-chain Bridge
Phase 3
  • DeFi & Web3 Apps
  • Farming & Staking
  • Marketing
  • Partnership
Phase 4
  • PUSD & PinkDAO Development
  • New Roadmap

Ecosystem Partners